Estrella Delnortegay

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Troubleshooting Washing Machine Will not Spin

In this post, I will discuss about the problems that are often experienced by both washer washer washer 1 tube or two tubes, the washer would not spin. This event is often no prior signs, often occurs when the washer spins but does not want to stay in on it or turned it happens then is the bike so burned.

Some of the problems which I will present these issues outside of the cable break, meaning all cable lines are in good condition as well as the condition of the washing machine timer itself. Here are some possible damage when the motor parts washer or washing machine mill would not turn.

    Capacitors Washing Machine Damage, Damaged here means it can be dry or leaking capacitors or even explode. did not rule out also the physical condition of the capacitor washing machine capacitor is still good but actually is already broken. To check you can read the article here.
    As his drag, apparently this is not the case only in the fan only, washing machines were also experiencing the same problem. This is usually due to a dry lubricant, causing her As would not turn. For your check  off his first V belt pulley and then you turn the motor attached to the As, when the weight then chances are it is indeed as filthy.
    Boss As or As worn, When her boss As or As worn then when turned on the engine / motor will purr loudly once, for boss As upper check  is your way off its first V belt continues then you move it left and right As if rocking As it means his boss or indeed Aus. Even more difficult is the boss checks as or As the bottom, there is no other way except to be unpacked first bike.
    Motor Wet, this is usually caused by Sil or Gear Box As worn so that the water of the little by little will flow down and when the machine is turned on the water and soaks the motor will nyiprat along the coil, it will cause the coil so short. For check  you can directly see the condition of the bike, if it's meant to be drained wet first.
    Soak the motor windings or short, if all the above reasons are not found then it is likely to last and worst of the coil is short soak or may even have been burned. To check  must use a separate tool is pliers amp or amp meter can also be with. if the measurement results of more than 0.6 Ampere when no load then surely the bike is damaged, please in the roll back or buy a new bike.